Allulose powder

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Allulose is a natural ingredient found in fruits and foods such as raisins, figs, kiwi fruit and brown sugar. It is a white powder. Its aqueous solution is a transparent colorless liquid and is stable at room temperature and pressure. Allulose can provide satisfactory sweet products for dairy products, beverages, baked products, candy and other food. Its sweetness is similar to that of sucrose, but its calories are much lower than that of sucrose. Compared with D-glucose and D-fructose, allulose also has a stronger ability to scavenge active oxygen. Allulose has a soft and delicate taste. The initial stimulation speed to taste buds is slightly faster than that of sucrose, and there is no bad taste during and after consumption. Its sweetness does not change with temperature, and it can show pure sweetness at various temperatures.

Product Name Allulose Powder
Item Standard Result
Sensory White crystalline powder White crystalline powder
Allulose (Dry matter), % ≥98.5 99.6
Water content, % ≤1.0 0.16
PH 3.0-7.0 5.8
Total bacteria, CFU/g ≤1000 <10
Coliforms, CFU/g ≤10 <10








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